6 Trends That Will Shape Cloud Computing In 2017

1. Regional players complement ’mega cloud providers’

The global public cloud market will top $146 billion in 2017, up from just $87 billion in 2015 and is growing at a 22% compound annual growth rate.

2. Cloud cost containment

IT executives will get better at containing cloud costs in 2017 as their best practices mature. And cost management tools from the likes of Microsoft, AWS, Cloudability are available.

3. Lift and shift those cloud apps

Companies will update custom apps to run on public cloud systems and leveraging migration services, rather than simply dumping existing apps into a public cloud.

4. Hyperconverge your private cloud

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solutions promise to help, offering preintegrated compute and storage resources that help organizations get their cloud implementations up and running faster.

5. There’s a container for that

Containers enable developers to manage software code, particularly software developed for cloud apps. Linux containers will be available in every major public and private cloud platform by early 2017.

6. Enterprise apps come to public cloud

CIOs have become more comfortable hosting critical software in the public cloud, such as ERP systems. Expect this trend to continue as CIOs rely more heavily on public cloud providers.

Source: http://www.cio.com/article/3137946/cloud-computing/6-trends-that-will-shape-cloud-computing-in-2017.html