We move
forward. Fast.

At Accelerate, we leverage technology to give organizations a competitive edge. Here’s how:

  • A business-first mindset. We’re not tech experts who serve businesses—we’re business experts who execute technology solutions that launch businesses to success.
  • A commitment to strategy. We gain a full understanding of each client’s short- and long-term business goals, and then create a strategic framework for achieving them.
  • Industry-leading talent. Our team stacks up favorably against any IT company in Indianapolis. And thanks to our excellent culture, it will stay that way.
  • Unmatched effort. Many IT companies look for plug-and-play engagements. Not us. We thoughtfully implement and actively manage projects for clients in a variety of industries.


The Accelerate Way

We strive to uphold these five pillars:

People are our purpose.

We’re a technology company that deeply values human relationships. From our own employees to every client we serve, we put people first.


We build trust, not transactions.

We seek to be advisors, servants, and guardians to our clients. We are committed to earning their trust so we can fulfill those roles successfully.


Your potential is our priority.

Working in close partnership with our clients, we leverage our expertise and business knowledge to help organizations achieve their most ambitious goals.


Integrity is our bedrock.

It’s integral to everything we do. Honesty, transparency, and accountability inform every action we take, and every decision we make.


Culture drives success.

Thanks to our award-winning workplace culture, we’ve built a highly skilled team that consistently delivers best-in-class solutions.

Are you ready to Accelerate?

Don’t lose another inch to your competitors.