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Webcast: Unlock the Advantages of Microsoft Teams vs. Zoom

April 15, 2021

Description: Join us on April 15th @ 3p.m. EST for a full breakdown for why more and more organizations are making the transition to Microsoft Teams for their internal collaboration, file sharing and video conferencing tool. Our vCIOs, Brad Reid and Mark Lecher, will have about 45 minutes of content with 15 minutes at the end to answer any questions or concerns. This webcast is ideal for users that are either already using Microsoft Teams or are thinking about making the transition from Zoom, or any other video conferencing software. We’ll cover the advantages and disadvantages to both platforms as well as some new updates and features that Microsoft Teams has to offer! We hope to see you there!

Missed the webinar? View the recording here!

Webinar: How Strong Is Your Defense? Cybersecurity Preparedness for 2021

December 2, 2020
Description: As cyberattacks increase, companies need robust cloud security strategies to protect their data and systems. Join us and our Managed Detection & Response team, Arctic Wolf, on an hour packed live webinar, where we will discover the robust benefits of a SOC (Security Operations Center) and how it enables organizations to monitor cloud systems, regardless of architecture.

Missed the webinar? View the recording here!

Webinar: Cybersecurity Awareness Webinar: Post-Pandemic 2020

October 27, 2020
Description: October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and we are celebrating by offering a free webinar, hosted by our President, Tony Schafer. Be sure to watch this webinar to gain insights and educational tips and training procedures on how to protect your organization against the post-pandemic cybercrimes!

Missed this webinar? View the recording here!

Webinar: Exploring Microsoft Teams

March 19, 2020
Teams brings together chat, meetings &  video conferencing, and the ability to create and integrate apps that businesses rely on. Watch this webinar to ensure you’re optimizing your Teams usage!

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Webinar: Why You Should Consider Security In Your 2020 Plan

January 29, 2020
Description: We’ll be focusing on the crucial and critical components of IT security to help your organization prepare for 2020.

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Cybersecurity – A Business Owner’s Perspective Webinar

October 23, 2019
Description: Join us on this live webinar to learn about risk management and protection for your organization.

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