Get a proven IT expert
in your corner.

Looking for an experienced IT service provider in the Indianapolis area? With more than 25 years of experience, the pros at Accelerate will keep your technology up and running so your business can do the same.

  • What is contracted IT support?

    Contracted IT support allows you to have a defined level of IT response and agreed-upon activities carried out as part of a service level agreement.

  • How does an engagement start?

    First, our engineers will conduct an IT audit to gain an understanding of your needs, as well as your current system configuration and software licenses. Then we’ll make recommendations that may include everything from network and server configuration to systems security and disaster recovery.

  • Why is contracted IT support a good idea?

    Contracted IT support is a good fit for small-or mid-sized businesses without an internal IT department—and without the budget to hire one—that still want to protect themselves from the risks and vulnerabilities that come with running a business without qualified technology experts on hand.

  • Why is Accelerate the right IT partner for your business?

    The truth is, we’re not a good fit for every business. Companies who are looking to check a box, or who just want a minimally viable provider, would be better served by another vendor. But those who are interested in partnering with one of Indiana’s top IT teams should give us a call. Chances are, we can help increase your team’s productivity, protect business-critical data, and ensure your technology is properly managed, maintained, and serving your business objectives.

Need an IT partner to help accelerate your business?