Move away from the “Time and Materials” (Break-Fix) concept. Let’s build an IT Managed Service Partnership.

Architectural and Engineering firms rely heavily on computer technology. Without it, just like many other industries, communicating, designing and storing data would be nearly impossible and certainly not secure. At Accelerate, we understand your unique needs of requiring access to tools 24×7, while working with properly integrated design software that provides maximum speed and reliability.

Let us help you obtain that fluidity within your business. We can also:

  • Provide Remote Access Solutions.
    As a staple to a streamlined business operation tool, remote access to internal files and data is now a requirement. With a fast, secure and reliable hosted file sharing platform, you can get the data you need from any place at any time on any device.
  • Safeguard your Intellectual Property
    A cybersecurity breach can certainly throw a wrench in your plan. With our latest managed detection and response tools, our software can alert and mitigate threats and attacks before you even realize they’re there.

  • Provide Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions
    Any lost data could not only mean a disaster for the project, but for the organization. We can help you design a BDR plan that will help protect your organization’s data with the fear of unproductive downtime.

  • Help Increase Communication Capabilities
    Internal communication is crucial to the success of completing projects on-time. We can offer tools that allow your team to use an “easy-to-use” platform for collaboration and updates for documents, such as sketches, diagrams, drawings, animations, etc.

Stabilize the foundation of your technology needs with Accelerate on your side!

What Our Clients Say

“Accelerate is more than a vendor. They’re a partner. They do all the things a good partner does: Find mutually beneficial solutions, give advice that isn’t driven simply by the bottom line, anticipate problems, and, most importantly, deliver value.”

Jack Kreman
Delta Tau Delta Fraternity

“Accelerate has been helpful for us so that technology is positioned as a powerful, positive tool. We been able to increase efficiencies and the effectiveness of many of our efforts.”

Benjamin Nicol
Phi Kappa Psi

“Our business, like many others, depends on our computer systems working. All of our customer service information resides on our computers. If they do not work, we do not work. We rely on Accelerate technicians to be at the ready when we need them. They do not let us down.”

Michael Chambers
Central Insurance Associates, Inc.

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