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We understand your company faces unique technology challenges and operating hours. We understand each minute your team isn’t productive, it’s billable time that’s lost – possibly even clients. At Accelerate, we can help you:

  • Satisfy your mobile workforce.
    We understand many of your employees require access to company data while working in the field. We partner with your company to provide cloud benefits that offer data access at any point or location, while helping to provide data security.
  • Maintain a rock-solid IT system.
    Your software and systems are a vital tool to your operations. We understand the urgency and prioritization required to keep them running efficiently and smoothly. We’ll watch your systems to provide company updates to programs when necessary.

  • Increase Innovation and Project Management.
    Our elite team of technicians are not only available to you, but a dedicated vCIO will also work alongside with you to make sure each technical project is completed on time and on budget. Our breadth of experience with the construction industry allows us to communicate intelligently and clearly with your team.

  • Sleep better at night.
    We’re an award-winning company who has been serving the Indianapolis area for over 25 years. In an industry where new providers pop up practically every week, we’re a partner you can trust!

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What Our Clients Say

“Accelerate is more than a vendor. They’re a partner. They do all the things a good partner does: Find mutually beneficial solutions, give advice that isn’t driven simply by the bottom line, anticipate problems, and, most importantly, deliver value.”

Jack Kreman
Delta Tau Delta Fraternity

“Accelerate has been helpful for us so that technology is positioned as a powerful, positive tool. We been able to increase efficiencies and the effectiveness of many of our efforts.”

Benjamin Nicol
Phi Kappa Psi

“Our business, like many others, depends on our computer systems working. All of our customer service information resides on our computers. If they do not work, we do not work. We rely on Accelerate technicians to be at the ready when we need them. They do not let us down.”

Michael Chambers
Central Insurance Associates, Inc.

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