We leverage technology to propel businesses forward.

If you’re looking for IT solutions in Central Indiana, you won’t have to look very far.

The number of IT companies in the Indianapolis area has exploded in recent years. We should know: We’ve been here since 1995.

These days, just about anyone can start an IT business from their garage or basement.  How do you choose a strong IT provider in a market crowded with new players every day? The answer: You don’t hire a provider. You hire a partner.

At Accelerate, we view partnership through both a corporate and a technical leadership lens.

If you’re a CEO or a business owner:

  • Your goals become our goals. We’ll identify your business objectives and challenges, and work actively to help you mitigate risks, improve productivity, identify hidden opportunities, and achieve new levels of growth and success.
  • We’ll eliminate barriers to success. It’s impossible to move your business forward when you’re worried about issues like security, privacy, and compliance, Our consultants help you address those issues while delivering solutions that give you a competitive edge.
  • You get a team of business experts on your side. Our team is comprised of experienced, business-minded engineers who are trained to deploy technology as a tool to drive business success. In short, our team is tailored to move your business forward, not to just keep your technology operational.

If you’re a CIO or CTO:

  • We’ll be your secret weapon. Keeping up with day-to-day technology needs and concerns keeps most CIOs and CTOs up at night. Our team can help keep you current on industry trends, get you get off the tech support hamster wheel, and to deliver long-term, transformational value.
  • You’ll get a bigger toolbox. We bring a comprehensive menu or services to the table, including Business Strategy, Cloud, Security, Compliance, and more. Leveraging our tools will give you more time to explore new ways to protect, serve, and support your operation.
  • We’ll help you clear operational hurdles. We can provide critical backup support during taxing projects, big organizational changes, and intense workload demands. That way, you can spend more time on operational support and innovation.

To sum up: At Accelerate, we don’t simply “implement” or “manage” technology. We leverage it to drive transformative business outcomes for our clients.

Ready to find out how we can transform your operation?

What Our Clients Say

“Accelerate is more than a vendor. They’re a partner. They do all the things a good partner does: Find mutually beneficial solutions, give advice that isn’t driven simply by the bottom line, anticipate problems, and, most importantly, deliver value.”

Jack Kreman
Delta Tau Delta Fraternity

“Accelerate has been helpful for us so that technology is positioned as a powerful, positive tool. We been able to increase efficiencies and the effectiveness of many of our efforts.”

Benjamin Nicol
Phi Kappa Psi

“Our business, like many others, depends on our computer systems working. All of our customer service information resides on our computers. If they do not work, we do not work. We rely on Accelerate technicians to be at the ready when we need them. They do not let us down.”

Michael Chambers
Central Insurance Associates, Inc.

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