Our culture drives our success. And yours.

Best Places to Work In Indiana 2019At Accelerate, we’ve invested heavily in creating a positive workplace culture. The results speak for themselves: In 2019, we were named one of the Best Places to Work in Indiana by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce and Best Companies Group.

This means a lot to our team, which appreciates working for a company that values their contributions, offers competitive wages and benefits, and provides plenty of opportunities for professional advancement.

It’s equally important to our clients. In an industry where employee retention is a well-known challenge, it has given us a clear advantage over the typical IT company where high staff turnover is the norm. Thanks to our excellent culture, we’ve become home to some of the top IT talent in the Midwest region.

Creating an award-winning workplace culture hasn’t been easy. It has required a significant and ongoing investment of time and finances, not to mention plenty of patience and mentorship from our leadership team. But having the best people matters. In fact, just one thing matters more: Keeping them.

Our employees tend to stick around well beyond the industry average. This is obviously good for us. But it’s even better for clients. Low turnover translates into a higher level of quality and consistency in the service, strategy, and support we provide clients.

While technology is our passion, people are our purpose—both our own and those we serve.

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What Our Clients Say

“Accelerate is more than a vendor. They’re a partner. They do all the things a good partner does: Find mutually beneficial solutions, give advice that isn’t driven simply by the bottom line, anticipate problems, and, most importantly, deliver value.”

Jack Kreman
Delta Tau Delta Fraternity

“Accelerate has been helpful for us so that technology is positioned as a powerful, positive tool. We been able to increase efficiencies and the effectiveness of many of our efforts.”

Benjamin Nicol
Phi Kappa Psi

“Our business, like many others, depends on our computer systems working. All of our customer service information resides on our computers. If they do not work, we do not work. We rely on Accelerate technicians to be at the ready when we need them. They do not let us down.”

Michael Chambers
Central Insurance Associates, Inc.

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