Tap into the power
of Microsoft partnership.

Accelerate is one of the top Microsoft cloud solutions providers in the region. Which means we’re uniquely equipped to leverage Microsoft’s powerful cloud solutions to move your business forward.

Why Microsoft?

When cloud solutions arrived on the marketplace, we spent a lot of time investigating the top vendors. Our extensive lab and field testing led us to Microsoft. Its solutions are user-friendly, feature-rich, cost-effective, and they stack up favorably to the competition in terms of security, compliance, and data loss prevention. Furthermore, Microsoft is the best fit for the industries we serve.

If a better solution arrives on the market, we’ll be quick to adopt it. But, for now, Microsoft is by far the best choice for our clients’ needs. We specialize in the following:

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 empowers teams to work smarter, together. We can strategize, build, and support a Microsoft Office 365 solution that will help your team improve productivity, enhance your security, improve collaboration, and support your bottom line.

Microsoft Azure Services

Microsoft Azure helps businesses address critical infrastructure, platform, and application needs. Whether you need to replicate your entire production environment in the cloud or extend your local network/data center, we can help.

Our team is ready to guide you to the cloud solution that will move your business forward.