Do Accounting Firms Really Need an MSP?

Accounting firms are as technology-driven as any other business today. They face the same challenges that other smaller commercial enterprises do when it comes to keeping their IT infrastructure up, running and secure. According to one estimate, accounting firms spend 70% of their IT budget on maintaining their systems and 30% on new technology. Owners […]

SMB IT Strategy

5 Topics to Consider as your Employees Come Back to the Office

The recent pandemic forced many organizations to quickly put together a Work-From-Home policy. Now that those businesses are starting to open back up and invite their employees to come back to the office, there are a whole new set of policies and procedures to think about. Your IT infrastructure and security may look a little […]

Defending against cyber attacks

There are two basic defenses you should have in place to defend against cyber attacks. One is technological and the other is human. Together, the two can go a long way to protecting the integrity and security of your data. Antivirus software and network protection – One of the major risks businesses face are the […]

What is the “Internet of Things”?

It’s hard to avoid hearing about the Internet of Things. Articles in the mainstream business media appear frequently in print and online, and even consumers are becoming aware of it now. So let’s dive in and quickly define the Internet of Things. First, it is important to understand that the IoT is not a specific […]

Multi-factor Authentication Demystified

You have probably come across the term multi-factor authentication at some point. It is an IT buzzword today and is fast becoming one of the best practices of cybersecurity. But some may still be wondering, what is multi-factor authentication, exactly? Multi-factor authentication, as fancy as the term sounds, is just multiple barriers to data access […]

3 Ways Microsoft 365 Helps Cut Down Your IT Costs

3 ways Microsoft 365 helps cut down your IT costs Want to switch to Microsoft 365, but not sure if it is cost effective? In this blog, we discuss three ways in which Microsoft 365 can help bring down your overall IT costs. You don’t have to pay upfront When you subscribe to Office 365, […]