Multi-factor Authentication Demystified

You have probably come across the term multi-factor authentication at some point. It is an IT buzzword today and is fast becoming one of the best practices of cybersecurity. But some may still be wondering, what is multi-factor authentication, exactly? Multi-factor authentication, as fancy as the term sounds, is just multiple barriers to data access […]

3 Ways Microsoft 365 Helps Cut Down Your IT Costs

3 ways Microsoft 365 helps cut down your IT costs Want to switch to Microsoft 365, but not sure if it is cost effective? In this blog, we discuss three ways in which Microsoft 365 can help bring down your overall IT costs. You don’t have to pay upfront When you subscribe to Office 365, […]

What should your privacy policy cover?

As a business, you deal with a lot of personally identifiable information on a daily basis. It can come from anybody who interacts with your business. It could be your clients, your vendors, employees, etc. You need to have a privacy policy declaring how you, as a business entity, will be using that data. Below […]

Spectrum Technology relaunches as Accelerate

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 3, 2019 Contact: Tony Schafer, President tschafer@acceleratetech.net Spectrum Technology relaunches as Accelerate New name, same commitment to Indiana businesses [Indianapolis, IN] – Spectrum Technology, Inc., announced today plans to change its corporate name to Accelerate. The company’s rebranding will also include the launch of a new website and an enhanced focus […]

On-Premise vs. Cloud Servers

Comparing Costs and Benefits of On-Premise vs. Cloud Servers

In the battle of cloud vs. on-premise servers, there isn’t necessarily a clear-cut winner. Which solution delivers the knockout punch will depend on factors specific to your business. We’ve gone 7 rounds comparing key areas you need to consider as you weigh your options. 1. On-Premise Servers Usually Have Longer Deployment Periods On-Premise You’ll have […]

Top Cybersecurity Training Topics

8 Cybersecurity Topics You Need to Know Today

“Cyberattack” has been in our lexicon since the 1990s. The term is familiar, but also vague. As a result, some small business owners dismiss cyberthreats as irrelevant, thinking they have nothing to steal. Others come to us wanting to act, but unsure of where to start or what the real threat is to their organization. […]

Protect Your Business from Cybercriminals

7 Steps to Protect Your Business from Cybercriminals

Cybercrime. It’s a buzzword that probably conjures images of nefarious characters hunched over a computer screen filled with lines of code or recollections of news stories about attacks at Target, Anthem or Sony. What it doesn’t cause most small business owners in Indianapolis to think about are the threats facing their organizations. Too often, we […]